Tips of the Trade

  1. All items must be freshly laundered and relatively wrinkle free.
  2. Items should not smell like smoke, pets, cologne or anything offensive.
  3. Remove any pet fur or lint.
  4. Bring items neatly folded in a bag or box. This helps speed up the process, and shows the buyer that you have taken care of the items you are selling.
  5. Items that are current within the last 3 years are most desirable, but we also love Vintage and Retro items (2000 or earlier).
  6. The more you bring – the longer your trade will take. While there is usually no limit to what you bring, please only bring items that are ready to sell (laundered, no under garments, etc.), so that our buyers can work efficiently. Please limit trades brought in at the end of the day (after 6pm Mon-Sat, after 4pm Sunday) to 35 items or less.
  7. Don’t try too hard to figure out what we want or need – just bring it! You may be surprised at what we take (and maybe what we don’t take). It’s never personal – we’re just looking for what’s currently selling.
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