Greater Goods

Selling Goods for the Greater Good

When I was 12 years old, I lost my mother to breast cancer. She was just 38 years old, and taught me the importance of regular examinations. I knew early diagnosis was second only to a clean bill of health, so I’ve always scheduled annual mammograms and MRIs.

In February of last year,  just 6 months after an MRI that indicated no cancerous cells, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I underwent several surgeries, and was surrounded by loving friends and family, capable and dedicated employees, and the unwavering love and support of my wife. I was fortunate to be able to concentrate on recovery, and not be burdened with the financial worries that so many families without insurance or financial support have to face. I wanted to help others that may find themselves in the same situation, but wasn’t sure how to go about it. I decided to use the resources that were right in front of me.

Since its inception in 1996, Planet Xchange has paid cash directly to its customers for items to resell in the store. Sometimes, items that are passed on, are left to us to donate. In the past, those items (in addition to inventory in the store that hasn’t sold), have been passed on to various organizations. Now, they can directly contribute to a cause we believe in with the help of “Greater Goods.”  Greater Goods is a new concept in thrift shopping, where customers can sort through the bins, and find quality name brand clothing for the price of $1.99 a pound!

Each week, new inventory is transported to our store in Etowah, Tennessee (just an hour from Knoxville). The decision to open the store in Etowah was a happy accident. I wanted a location that was affordable, big enough to serve the community in which it was in, and be within about an hour from Knoxville. With its charming downtown, unique stores to shop in, and the beautiful L&N train Station (be sure to visit the museum), Etowah has the potential to be one of the most charming destinations in East Tennessee. It’s definitely worth a road trip. Etowah and its residents have been nothing short of wonderful. It’s been great getting to know so many of them, and make some new friends along the way.

The proceeds from the sales of those items will be shared with The Cancer Support Community of East Tennessee, which provides, at no charge, a wide-range of support services for people affected by cancer and their loved ones/caregivers. It’s a great cause, and we appreciate all of our customers for supporting others in their struggle through their Planet Xchange donations and Greater Goods purchases.

My recovery has gone well, and an early diagnosis was a key factor in saving my life. I spend part of my weeks now in Etowah, and the store is open every Thursday, Friday & Saturday. I’d love to see you, and show you how your support throughout the years is making a difference in other people’s lives. When you’re here – make sure to come in and say “Hi!”

Beth Boline, Owner

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