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We are now buying items for Fall. We are looking for hoodies, backpacks, flannels, skinny fit jeans, and long sleeved shirts.

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Planet Xchange has been Knoxville's go to for resale fashion for almost 2 decades. With over 200 fresh items added every single day, there's always something in store just for you.

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Rock n’ Roll’s Influence on Fashion

Fashion and 10 Rock n Roll Icons Does life imitate art or art reflect life? Good question. There is a definite “relationship”, if you will, between Rock n Roll Music and Fashion. Sometimes styles are embraced and replicated so quickly it’s hard to tell from where they originated. Regardless, some Rock n Rollers simply reek […]

Meet The Owner

Meet Planet Xchange Owner and Visionary: Beth Boline She was either going to open a taco/tamale stand OR Planet Xchange.  It may have been a close call for the Mexican food loving (the hotter the better…) entrepreneur, Beth Boline, but we are confident she made an excellent choice.  Beth opened Planet Xchange in 1996 and […]

The Big E, Crotch Rivets, and … Luke Skywalker?

Do you know what “The Big E”, crotch rivets, and Luke Skywalker have in common?  Sorry, this is not the beginning of a joke.  These are merely a few of the things you discover when you research one of the most iconic clothing brands in American History, Levi’s Strauss & Co.   Seriously, odds are you […]

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