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Planet Xchange has been Knoxville's go to for resale fashion since 1996. With over 200 fresh items added every single day, there's always something in store just for you.

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The Big E, Crotch Rivets, and … Luke Skywalker?

Do you know what “The Big E”, crotch rivets, and Luke Skywalker have in common?  Sorry, this is not the beginning of a joke.  These are merely a few of the things you discover when you research one of the most iconic clothing brands in American History, Levi’s Strauss & Co.   Seriously, odds are you […]

Hey! Don’t I know you?

Every now and then you unexpectedly run into an old friend and soon you are flooded with positive energy. As you catch up, discovering what’s new, you realize how great you feel when you’re together. Reconnecting, even casually with no particular agenda, makes you smile. This uncomplicated joy is so easy and organic from simply […]

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